Post Jam, Day 0 - Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Let me start by saying thanks to Krassenstein, and his Krass-N.G. game jam. I had a lot of fun working on this project, and it's taught me how much you can achieve in a short amount of time. Ultimately, this first version of the game is a result of less than 10 working hours.

If I'd used my time wisely, and didn't procrastinate as much, I could have achieved a lot more. Thinking about it, I could have probably learnt and implemented a simple dialogue system that would have removed the luck factor which forced players to spam the 1-4 keys, instead of reading the entertaining one-liners.

Over the next week, I plan to do several things in an attempt to improve the experience:

  • Reduce the choices from 4 to 3

Most of the one-liners are fairly long. That means they take time to read, which you don't have when there is only 60 seconds on the clock.

  • Decrease the time between you choosing an option, and the next set appearing

Originally it was there to allow the other DNA to respond (yes, you're a DNA too). However it's unnecessary. The player can read, and then should be able to move on when they're ready.

  • Looking at creating a basic dialogue tree

While the one-liners were funny, it was silly how the entire of the game is just luck. This could be solved by creating a dialogue tree, and assigning each option either a positive or negative number, instead of letting the game randomly decide whether a choice is good or bad.

  • Fix a couple of bugs related to finishing the game

Whether you win or lose the game, you can continue to select options and affect your Seduction Meter.

  • Add a quick tutorial at the beginning

Simply, a little UI element with a quick explanation of how the game works, and arrows pointing to the two different meters. When you press a key, the tutorial disappears, and the game begins.

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