Post Jam, Day 1 - Personality

(It is technically Day 2 at the time of writing/publishing, but I haven't gone to sleep yet)

Today I achieved a lot more than I expected. Out of the list I published last night, I completed all but one of the tasks. The final task being the revamped dialogue system, which will add a lot more content to the game. I'll touch on this nearer the end of the post, when I explain my plans for tomorrow. To start though, what did I get done today (or yesterday)?

First couple of changes I made were out of respect for the little time you have  to read and choose an option. There is now only 3 choices, instead of 4. And instead of waiting 3 seconds for the next set of options to appear, I've reduced it to 1. This is because, through watching others play it, I realized all it does is hold them up. And when you have only 60 seconds to seduce the DNA, it can get frustrating  that each time you make a choice, you lose 3 seconds for no reason.

Next were minor bugs that I knew would niggle at me if I left them in but, otherwise, wouldn't have a major affect on the game. I constrained the Seduction Meter between 0 and 100, as you could go below or above respectively. Going above isn't too much of an issue, but going below means you can't see whether or not an option was positive or negative. You also can't run through the choices when the game has finished now, unless you press 'R' to restart.

Science of Seduction tutorial

The final addition is for those of you out there, like me, who don't read the "How to Play" section of any games. You expect, quite rightly, for them to have a tutorial in-game. Well, now I do. It may only be a simple collection of UI elements, but what else did you expect for a 60 second jam game?

Tomorrow (or later today), I'll be finishing off the new dialogue system I started on earlier. Each time you play the game, the DNA will be given a random personality that makes them ? to some types of one-liners, and ? to others. I'm unsure whether to let you know what type each one-liner is, or let you figure it out yourself through reading them. Either way though, it'll be a lot more interesting than just pot luck, which is what it is at the moment.

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